Why Vanclaes Custom

The perfect balance between performance, reliability and your wallet

With a Vanclaes boat trailer you can rely on a professional partner. The patented loading system of the Vanclaes boat takes care of everything and allows you to always unload your boat from the trailer smoothly and without causing any damage. Winching your boat in and out has never been easier. With the unique Vanclaes self-centring navigation system, winching in your boat is easy and can be done without any errors. In combination with the Vanclaes stainless steel loading system with its bilge and keel rollers, which leave no stripes or scratches on the hull, you can load your boat very smoothly and it will be incredibly secure and steady.


Vanclaes also keeps in mind the needs of yachtsmen. Using the unique self-centring loading system, Vanclaes can also take care of everything when it comes to boats that need to be hoisted into the water. Just like any other Vanclaes loading system, the sailboat loading system was developed in cooperation with professional and enthusiastic recreational sailors. This way you are ensured that every launching can be simple and without any hassle. In addition to being an innovative and unique system, setting the loading system is always carried out by a Vanclaes professional. This means that all Vanclaes boat trailers are delivered with a certificate of proper settings. This way you are guaranteed of a carefree trailer experience.


Wet feet, the boat being crooked on the trailer and damage to the boat are a thing of the past.


Our goal is to make one of the best things in life possible for you namely sail whenever and wherever you want!

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