Vanclaes production

The production staff

The line-up of Vanclaes staff in our office is impressive, but it would be useless without the production crew that produces the Vanclaes products with passion and dedication every day. Production of the many components, final products and custom designs is handled by a group of enthusiastic and expert employees. The Vanclaes factory features many diverse activities and work stations. The factory can be divided into three main activities.

Production of components

In the component production area, we have around 10 welding boxes, 2 press brakes in the plate shop and many conventional metal working machines. It is fascinating to see how steel production and stainless steel production are conducted separately, only to form one product later on in the production process. All components are given barcodes, while our use of clever moulds and tools ensures a perfect production of the modular components.


The Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer is the first boat trailer in the world that is built out of standardised modular components, while still being produced entirely to order and per the client´┐Żs specifications. All possible components are therefore already present at the Customshop production lines. How these are assembled is determined by the sales order. The rapid processing time proves that we strive to achieve extreme efficiency and an ultimate fit. The assembly of the stainless steel Basic boat trailer is completely different from the way Customshop boat trailers are built. The stainless steel boat trailers are inventory products, which are delivered from stock and always produced in the same way in their own assembly area. This area features five assembly boxes, which gives it an enormous capacity. Both assembly processes use the component assembly. We want to able to work as quickly as possible, both on the Customshop boat trailer production lines and in the specific production box for the Standard stainless steel boat trailers. A lot of preliminary work is therefore done in the component assembly area. In this area, the trailer components are assembled and prepared on worktables specifically tailored to each process, to ensure that they can be implemented in the actual boat trailer much quicker.

Vanclaes Marina Equipment

Vanclaes Marina Equipment products are usually sold in batches and therefore produced as a series. We have set up a specific area in the Vanclaes factory for the production of these series. This area is also used for the production, assembly and testing of the automated trailer ramp. The minimal size of 7 by 3 metres makes the latter quite a big item, after all.

Faith is good, inspection is better

All products that Vanclaes produces, purchases or gives an additional external durability treatment to after production are inspected for quality, quantity and any required specifications by the inspection department. Once a Vanclaes product has gone through the final stage of assembly, it is always inspected for many product-specific predetermined issues. Only once the inspection document has been signed off is the product reported as fully assembled and cleared for transport. Vanclaes does everything it can to create and deliver beautiful, high quality and honest products. The entire team at Vanclaes is dedicated to improving the company a little bit more every day.

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