The technology

Custom designs for everyone

The best combination of performance, reliability and affordability

Each Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer is unique and custom built. Additionally, each Vanclaes comes with a large number of “standard” features that make your Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer so remarkable. Regardless of how you want to expand the Vanclaes further, you will at least get the following when purchasing a Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer:
  • A custom solution
  • Integrated waterproof LED lights
  • A protective chassis/walking platform all around
  • Stainless steel chassis beams and loading system
  • Innovative, tested and certified loading system under your boat
  • Modern design
  • Lowered axles and wide tyres for ultimate driving pleasure
  • Triple layer protection, Senzimir, Kathodische Tauch Lackierung (KTL) and Powder coating
  • 2 year factory warranty and service options

Grease nipples

For the lubrication of your brake cables
All stainless steel brake cables on a Vanclaes boat trailer feature the brake disc system with grease nipples that enable proper, quick and easy lubrication of the brake cables. You can hit the road safely and responsibly.

Oil-filled wheel bearings

No more jamming
Both the unbraked axles and the axles with brake discs on your Vanclaes boat trailer feature waterproof oil-filled wheel bearings. You must have encountered it at least once: your boat trailer has been sitting still for a while and salt or murky water has affected the wheel bearings, which are now completely stuck. This will not happen again with our waterproof oil-filled wheel bearings.

Triple Layer Protection

Durable protection of your boat trailer
Steel has only one real disadvantage: it needs to be protected against rust. We have applied a Triple Layer Protection to your Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer to give it a durable protection. A Triple Layer Protection consists of thermal galvanisation, KTL (kathodischetauchlackierung) andpowder coating.

Thermal galvanisation offers the following advantages:
  • Proper adhesion
  • Highly durable
  • Hollows are also protected
  • Long lifespan
  • Self-repairing

  • Very smooth and hard layer of varnish without irregularities
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Offers moisture no chance to get underneath it (even in the event of damage))

Powder coating:
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful finish

By protecting our boat trailers in this manner, salt and other corrosive elements on the boat trailer will be less likely to cause damage to your trailer.

Walking platform as protection

Not just for your boat...
You are able walk around or to your boat safely. Design and ease of use go hand in hand at Vanclaes. Design is important, but functionality is always our primary concern. The walking platform on the Vanclaes boat trailer is therefore more than just a unique design element. It ensures you can safely access your boat without putting yourself in any danger and also serves as a protective frame around your boat. This protects the boat from rubble, splashing mud and light collision damage.

Waterproof LED lights

Integrated light bar for immediate sailing pleasure
The innovations implemented by Vanclaes ensure one thing: you can launch anywhere and at any time. One of the elements responsible is the LED lights that have been integrated in the chassis. Vanclaes is the first to introduce a boat trailer that is always ready for use. The fully waterproof LED lights also provide additional safety. Controlled by an advanced LED light processor, these LED lights provide a better and quicker detection for traffic coming from the rear.

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